Pure Friday is a Danish fast fashion/express women's wear brand born in the city of Aarhus, Denmark in 2018.


We design and create bold and eclectic Scandinavian designs for the fashion conscious girl who wants a feminine and urban look. All styles are designed with a strong focus on delivering good qualities at a reasonable price.


We focus on what we do best.

Our collections are a mix of feminine woven styles such as dresses, blouses and pants and more urban jersey designs like sweat and tees. 

Knit, outerwear and denim we leave to our talented colleagues in the business who specializes in these categories. The same goes for basics and "never-out-of-stock”–programs.


We strongly believe in close partnerships and Pure Friday will exclusively be available through a limited and selected number of partners.



Pure Friday is Scandinavian, bold and eclectic designs for the feminine girl styling herself with an urban touch. 


Our DNA is based on the 3 key directions Feminine.Urban.New.


We combine the feminine shapes and qualities with an urban feeling of bold prints, colors and details.


We challenge the feminine look by mixing in urban details inspired from ex. sports and a male friend/boyfriends wardrobe. 


We want you to be you no-matter if you want to look good at work, hanging with girlfriends or are heading to an urban summer festival. We aim to cover all occasions. Therefore we find our inspiration in the urban everyday life of Copenhagen and Aarhus.


We are new in everything we do and always follow the trends of the moment for the Feminine.Urban.New girls.  


Meet Emilie, a 28-year-old female living in a Scandinavian metropolis.


Emilie loves her life, her friends and her job as a creative consultant in a new disruptive marketing agency at the harbor.


Emilie sees every chance she gets to meet up with her girl squad for a chat and a laugh. Her favorite drinks are Aperol Spritz and a glass of wine – but there is nothing wrong with a classic, cold bottled beer.


Emilie loves a home-cooked meal, but usually ends up with a quick bite at the local street food hall – if not bringing home some Mexican take out.


Emilie listens to soft indie like Rhye or Roo Panes – but to get the mood up on a cloudy day there is nothing like a bit of Queen B.


Emilie is a genuine shop-a-holic. She mixes high-end brands with fast fashion looks. Her style is inspired by her favorite it-girls whom she loves to follow on Instragram.


Emilie is indeed feminine, urban and new.